Web Copywriting

Content creation centered on improving the overall experience and understanding of your website.

Fortrust offers high quality copywriting services that can be customized to almost any field. The content we input to your site will not only improve your website development through the use of keywords, but also contribute to a complete, comprehensive design that will more effectively market your brand.

While there are plenty of “extras” that can be added to any website to make them more visible on the Internet, the content of the site must read intelligently, be informative and have some level of entertainment for the reader. Without this aspect, the site becomes another statistic. To be honest, while there are aspects that are common in all websites in regards to content, there is no one formula that will work with every site.

It is critical that every website is treated differently to create unique content that is attractive to both the search engines and the target audience. It cannot be mundane content that uses a keyword over and over in order to be recognized by Google. Sure, a site like that may get picked up and ranked, but what happens when the reader gets there and they see the same word or phrase used 20 times in a 500 word page? Does that sound interesting and informative to you?

Instead of lulling them to sleep, the content should be able to capture the attention of the reader and at the same time allow Google to index it and climb up the search engine ladder. Our concept is identical to the programming that search engines use and therefore it is the most effective style of writing for the website. It not only gets the site indexed, but it is also recognized as meaningful and relative content and covers a wider array of keywords that enhances your online presence as it is related to the search engines.

Another aspect of copywriting that is often ignored in this industry is the ability to relate the content to the target audience. Knowing who is going to be reading the content is extremely important to its development. For instance, an investment site would not be written in the same manner as a site that sells children’s toys. Go too simple and your clients cannot trust you, go too complex and you scare them off because they cannot understand what they are reading. It is a fine line that few copywriters can master, but one that our writers have learned to balance on one foot.

Our copywriting services are further enhanced by a team that can also offer article marketing for your website. Whether you are looking to promote your site via sites such as Associated Content or Ezine Articles or have articles flood the Internet through submission services such as UAW (Unique Article Wizard), our team will create articles that can be published under your name to further enhance your reputation as an expert in your niche. Not only that, but these articles are in essence another outlet for your business. Put everything together and your online visibility is significantly increased.