Don’t like flight transfers then watch out for domain transfers.

So the client started the domain transfer by logging into their hosting control panel and selecting the domain management section. It seemed a little tricky and they didn’t want to make any mistakes. So they called the hosting provider for some support. Obviously they had to wait in a queue for a few minutes and then explain their request. They followed the instructions of their hosting provider and paid a domain transfer fee. Also they were told that the transfer can take up to 2 weeks.

Then they had to go to the new hosting provider and go through a similar procedure for them to request transfer to them. But they needed an authorization code from the current host and need some additional configuration (IPS Tags) to be set specifically for them to execute the transfer. So once again the client called the current hosting provider and requested the code.

So you would have thought that was it. But no then the client started receiving emails from the new hosting provider that the current hosting provider had locked the domain. So they chased them up and they made the necessary changes.

Couple of day passed and then more email and more phone calls ensued with further obstacles.

We are still waiting for the transfer to complete…

So the moral of the story is choose your hosting providers very carefully as transfer can cost you time and lead to undue frustration and worst still poor website infrastructure which leads to poor performance websites.

We advise client not to rush into choosing hosting providers until they have developed their website requirements specification. As it all depends on what technology your website is going to be developed on. Is it going to be open source technologies like Php, Mysql, Drupal, Joomla & Wordpress or proprietary technologies like Microsoft .ASP.

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