Why Drupal is the best platform for SEO?

Drupal architecture is very SEO friendly out of the box. Plus there are many easy ways to configure Drupal and add additional modules that will promote your site to the top of the search engines.

Here are the top 10 reasons why Drupal is the best platform for SEO:

1. It’s easier! It is very simple to drop extra modules into Drupal and turn them on to make your website more visible to the search engines.

2. Configurable. It is easy to drop content in Drupal where you need and it shows up to the search engines.

3. Stays optimized. Once your content is optimized it tends to stay optimized as you add more data.

4. No duplicate content. Drupal prevents content from being replicated. Search engines can penalize you for duplication of content.

5. Clean Code. Drupal produces very clean code that passes W3C validation.

6. Easy integration with SEO tools. Drupal integrates well with other third party SEO tools.

7. Fights Spam. Drupal helps you fight spam with like Mollom and other modules.

8. Landing pages. You can build superb landing pages with Drupal swiftly.

9. Community features. Drupal has vast amounts of community features that attract search engines.

10. Thriving development ecosystem. Drupal is continuously being developed to keep it at the cutting edge of SEO best practice.

And finally all of this comes at no additional cost! How’s that for value.


Drupal provides you with an add on module for Google Analytics. This module makes configuring and setting up Google Analytics very fast and easy.

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