Web Designer, Development & Mobile Apps Services

Fortrust focuses on developing websites and mobile apps that meet our client's online goals.

Our philosophy is to avoid design fads and gimmicks. These only distract the website users for what they are primary looking for and ultimately lead to frustration and high bounce rates.

As web usage evolves across platforms from computers & mobile devices, users are more then ever savvy of good websites & mobile apps. Users have very little tolerance for poorly developed websites and mobile apps. User experience design points us to good design principles and layout of websites and mobile apps that manage and guide the user experience.

We develop a range of websites inclusive of personal & brochure sites, content management, social networking and e-commerce sites for our customers. In addition we have a growing team of developers focusing on mobile phone apps for iPhone and Android.

Don’t like flight transfers then watch out for domain transfers.

Recently we had to assist a client make a domain transfer from their current host providers. The hosting capabilities they needed for us to build their new Drupal 7 site were not sufficient at their current hosting provider.

An important point as Drupal 7 sites need more resources on the hosting server especially in terms of memory allocation and concurrent processes capabilities. Otherwise you can find that the site installs successfully but does not work properly when you install additional contributed modules.

New Fortrust Site

We have created the new Fortrust website using Drupal 7. This was a great opportunity for our team to test and develop on the latest version of Drupal.

Our key findings were that the administration and site development has been made more user intuitive and simpler. This definitely led to quicker work flow.